a photo study: red

This week’s photo study has been inspired by Ted Forbes’ discussion about the use of red within photography.  Undertaking a photo walk with an intention to see and photograph “red” is an interesting experience that I invite you to explore.

Nikon D750   f/4.5  1/1.250 s   56 mm   800 ISO

Red is the color at the end of the visible spectrum of light, next to orange and opposite violet. Reds range from the brilliant yellow-tinged scarlet and vermillion to bluish-red crimson, and vary in shade from the pale red pink to the dark red burgundy.


Red is the color of blood and has a historical association with sacrifice, danger, and courage. It is also the color most commonly associated with heat, danger, determination, strength, activity, passion, sexuality, anger, love and joy.

Nikon D750   f.4.5  1/4,000 s   85 mm   800 ISO

When you place the color red within a frame of contrasting colors the brain will always direct the eye to the red object first.

Nikon D750  f/6   1/30 s   300 mm   100 ISO

Because red attracts the human eye it, it also acts as an invisible leading line inviting the viewer into an image.

Nikon D750    f/2.2    1/15 s   28 mm   100 ISO

Red creates a focal point…an anchor, something that isn’t the subject, but supports it

Nikon D750  f/8   1/100   68 mm   100 ISO

Red offers us a point of interest when there isn’t one

Nikon D750  f/8  1/20   300 mm   100 ISO

I hope you enjoy the creative work of photographers who participated in Ted Forbes’ photo assignment on the color red.

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