1. Today…maybe more than a foot. A 20 minute thunderstorm yesterday with penny-size hail and an inch and a quarter of rain…yet, the creek is filled with rocks and a number of boulders. 😬 😳 🤕 Padre Canyon…a better choice.

      2. Rocks don’t worry me. Whitewareing and rocks are like peas and carrots. I’ve paddled rivers all over the country, but not familiar with Padre Canyon. What river is that?

      3. Whoops…spelling error. 🤪The Poudre Canyon is a narrow verdant canyon, approximately 40 mi (64 km) long, on the upper Cache la Poudre River (called the “Poudre” for short) in Larimer County, Colorado in the United States.

      4. Ah! That’s one state I’ve never paddle in, though I’ve spent a bit of time there, and I’ve done portions of the Colorado river. I’ll check it out. 😊

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