a photo study: street photography II

This week’s  photo study was inspired by The Candid Frame’s video in which Ibarionex speaks about the opportunities of light and shadow that a photographer will find in rural communities as well as in the dynamics of cities such as New York or Hong Kong.

Bring out the play of light and shadow within the scene.


Be open to how light and shadow shifts the mundane into something exciting.


Allow the shadows to go black by adjusting the exposure.


Find a scene and wait…


throughglasswebI appreciate the encouragement to silence the envy when viewing photographs created within the dynamics of large urban areas by waking up to the amazing opportunities of light and shadow one will find…anywhere.

I hope you, too, are inspired by The Candid Frame’s video, Street Photography Anywhere.   I am looking forward to reading your comments and seeing how you play with light and shadow within your town.   Let’s tag with #aphotostudy.

7 thoughts on “a photo study: street photography II

  1. Hi Brenda,
    I wanted to link your earlier post on street photography. It’s not working for me. So I linked this one.
    My images are very plain. I have to study creative composition in street photography.
    Better next time.
    Thanks for the link to video. Great information.

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