silent sunday

Sony RX 100 3…f/2.8 1/80s 25.7mm

10 thoughts on “silent sunday

    1. Last summer I bought the Sony as I wanted a camera for street photography that was less noticeable. I find that it works for me, sometimes…but I prefer the Nikon.

      1. Thank you, Brenda. I asked the question because I, too, was thinking to get a smaller camera for street photography, but after checking a couple of models, I decided not to buy one — I don’t think I would carry two cameras and I don’t want to leave D750 home. Sometime, I wonder if that was a good decision.
        Good night.

      2. I find the Nikon to be the thought of carrying two cameras is exhausting even with the Sony being so light. I have found a camera backpack to be a distraction so I generally only bring it when camping or traveling out of town.

      3. For me, the weight is not a problem. They take too much space, if carry both. And I usually don’t switch cameras or lenses when I go out shooting 😉 I probably have to change that soon, since I know my lenses better now.
        Come to think of it, my husband has a Panasonic camera. Maybe I will use that for street photographing (since he hasn’t use it for a while 😉 D750 is just too big to hide. Ha.
        Good night.

    1. Hello…thank you for visiting. My recommendations are to 1) study the work of photographers that you find yourself drawn to, 2) know your camera, 3) photograph as much as you can, 4) accept that this is a learning journey and that most of your images will be bad, really bad, 5) learn to cultivate patience, 6) explore and allow your unique perspective speak.

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