Metaphor ferries memory across time. It allows us to enter worlds of imagination and feeling that might otherwise be closed to us …

Ricoh f/10 1/24s 7.3mm 80 ISO

… memory can take refuge in silence…*

The rememberer … is a person who defies the natural laws of decay, one who makes of the heart a more hospitable ground for traces of the past… The rememberer might also be a lonely rebel against the passage of time. To resist the erasers occasioned by this passage, memories have to be written down.

Although yi (memory) brings up unsettling emotions, and simcha (joy) depends on wiping away old aches, remembrance remains the only way not to betray the past.

V Schwarcz, Bridge Across Broken Times

5 thoughts on “memory

    1. “Evocative” is nice…I think I’ll cherish it. Schwarcz’s book focused upon cultural memory…of China and Jewish history. I do hope that the quotes were gentle.
      My aged Ricoh is a GX100. Best Buy referred to it as “vintage” with $0 trade-in value; yet, it still creates good images. It does have a long processing time that has a negative impact on street photograph. The recently released GR III has pushed my “want” button.

      1. gentle quotes indeed. I have an aged Ricoh CX3 – a bit slow but much valued with a somewhat miraculous history. The just launched Ricoh has some excellent reviews – hmm!

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