lens-artist’s photo challenge: found in the neighborhood

the neighborhood’s
relaxation spot…
the tree’s deep shade
~Issa (cited: haikuguy.com)

hazy night–
people listening
to heavenly music
~Issa (cited: haikuguy.com)

the mountain bees, too
yearn to live there…
town of people
~Issa (cited: haikuguy.com)

A historical journey through my neighborhood…images and haiku posted in response to this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge: Found in the Neighborhood.

12 thoughts on “lens-artist’s photo challenge: found in the neighborhood

  1. Beautiful as always Brenda. I absolutely loved the window reflection. Your images combine to tell rather a poignant story of a thriving community affected by a pandemic. Was that your intent?

    1. Thank you Tina. While the photos are pre-pandemic, I think they illustrate my experience in parts of the community. Parks, on the other hand, are a bit uncomfortable as most people don’t follow guidelines. I’ve found that my photo walks are more about anxiety than photography.

    1. Great hearing from you…and that which I enjoy. Did miss the sights and sounds of summer’s children, water sprouts, music, and people watching.

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