Photography has served two purposes within my life: 1) validation of one’s life and of the emotional connections between people and 2) a visual means to communication beyond the limitations of words.




studious child

and now on to the fun while on a photo walk….

exploring the use of the Fujifilm mcex-16mm extension tube

exploring combination of the extension tube with Fuji’s built-in double exposure.

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Not for stilts

but as a cane

bamboo serves me now,

I who call to mind

the games of childhood ~Saigyo (BW, Poems of a Mountain Home)


How did

a dewdrop last? ~Kigen (YH, Japanese Death Poems)

How few our years of golden youth! How certain our gray years of age! ~Emperor Wu-ti

(The Jade Flute, Various; The Project Gutenberg Ebook)

Wind Kisses invites photographers to share images reflective of their relationship with over the hill.

As banked clouds

are swept apart

by the wind at dawn

the cry of the first wild geese

winging over the mountain ~Saigyo*

Sony RX1003 … F/3.5 … 1/100s … 8.8 mm … 80 ISO

*cited: Trans: Burton Watson, Poems of a Mountain Home