content to stay

The wild geese yet
Are content to stay —
And must you return

~Otomo Oemaru (1719-1805)

cited: F Bowers, The Classic Tradition of Haiku 

Nikon D750   f/6.3   1/200 s   90 mm   ISO 100


If one’s mind is elsewhere,

one will look but not see, 

listen but not hear.

~Confucian axion (cited: F Bowers, The Classic of Tradition of Haiku)


beneath this selfsame sky

Does not China also

lie beneath this selfsame sky

bound in misery

~Iio Sogi (1421-1502)*

   *cited: F Bowers, The Classic Tradition of Haiku

Nikon D750   f/56   1/200 s    122 mm    ISO 100


the face reader


“I only saw faces

I didn’t see the changing era

I only saw the waves

I should have seen the wind

Wind is what makes the waves

I’m saying you were the big wave at that moment

We were drifting away

One day we’ll go up again

Eventually the big wave will break down”

Kim Dong-hyeok, Screenplay: The Face Reader

truth & strength…together


…we were determined to speak the truth. Now I understand that truth and virtue must be joined by strength. When I first read the French author La Fontaine many years ago, I was disturbed by this statement: ‘The argument of the strongest party is always the best.’ …life has taught me more than once that his statement is at least partly true. Truth without strength cannot stand firm. Strength does not have to mean tyranny or violence, but one must be strong. Without strength, how could those with no more than a pen challenge powerful authorities? 

~Thich Nhat Hanh (Fragrant Palm Leaves)