will you remember…

Clear waters unchanged

in a meadow

I saw once long ago,

will you remember

this face of mine?

~Saigyo (B Watson, Poems of a Mountain Home)

Nikon D750    f/4.5    1/3,200    85mm    800 ISO

we never just ‘see’…

Spring Creek…Nikon D750    f/4.5   1/2,000    85mm   100 ISO

“…we never just ‘see’ something in the sense that a photographic plate receives rays of light.  In the real world we bring a lot of our selves to the party. And that means gaze alters what it finds.”

cited: Iain McGilchrist, The Master and his Emissary

a sundowner

Nikon D750   f/4.5   1/3,200   48mm   100 ISO

“About twelve years ago, I met a homeless woman who identified herself as a sundowner.   She described how each evening’s sun invited her to settle down along the side of her life’s path so that her journey could begin afresh in the morning sun.  She eloquently described an undercurrent of yearning that ebbed and flowed throughout her soul and how, in her past days, she found herself at the mercy of private memories, thoughts, and imaginations and had encountered, time and time again, various degree of discontent despite the seemingly fulfilling qualities of her life.

As I hear the suffering within women who story their lives through the multi-colored threads of substance use, I find myself acknowledging a similarity within each of these unique stories with my own metaphysical search for someone, something, or some place that remains beyond the forever next horizon.  Each of our unique narratives reveal an unending wandering with satchels of discontent that tell of a spiritual emptiness and an emotional intimacy with a homesickness for a place one knows cannot be.”

~B Catherine Koeford (A Meditative Journey with Saldage)


What is it

about this twilight hour?

Even the sound

of a barely perceptible breeze

pierces the heart.

~Izumi Shikibu (J Hirshfield & M Aralani, The Ink Dark Moon)



sending messages


Nikon D750     f/3.5     1/1.250s   40mm   100 ISO

Your Highness,

It is said that an education is a 1000-year worth thing. But a learning institute responsible for that education has forgotten its role already and children are becoming tired each day with the violence and irrationalities inside.

Your Highness, please settle this educational environment that has taken a wrong path and restrengthen the foundation of the nation.

~Jeong Yak Yong, “Korean Mystery Detective”

weekly photo challenge: smile

Smile:  merriment, joy, glee, vitality, cheerful, merry, gladden, spirited, happy, humor, high spirits, perky, and zest

tapping..Nikon D750   f/1.8   1/10   35mm   100 ISO

Submitted in response to Ben’s photo challenge: Smile