reflection & i

growing side by side

spring rain

reflection & i



the dawn is here…

In the summer night
The evening still seems present,
But the dawn is here.
To what region of the clouds
Has the wandering moon come home?

~Kiyohara no Fukayabu

Meditative photography with an iPad, John F Simon’s “Drawing your own Path,” a pair of reading glasses, a fountain pen, and the dawn.  Edited in Lightroom CC.

lines & shapes

Nikon D750     f/22     1/25     35mm     800 ISO

“…after trying for so long to program computers to make drawings autonomously, I noticed one key factor that distinguished me from the machine: I wanted to make a good drawing. The first step in making a good drawing is recognizing and giving voice to the desire to create. The creative urge is the engine that will drive the great effort it takes to pursue art over the long term, and understanding the nature of this desire will be critical in staying motivated long enough to develop good work.

“…What makes a drawing good? It would be impossible to list all the qualities of a good drawing, and in any case the list would be different for each of us and each artwork we liked. Luckily, we don’t need a precise definition. We understand how to proceed with our creative work by developing our intuition and learning to pay attention to what we value and respond to.”

~J F Simon, Jr (Drawing Your Own Path)

I gaze with longing

When the evening sun descends behind the mountain peak,

Will you forget that it is I who gazed with longing

Towards the place where you are?

~Sarashina Nikki (Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan)



watching the moon

Watching the moon

at dawn,

solitary, mid-day,

I knew myself completely,

no part left out.

~Izumi Shikibu (J Hirshfield & M Aratani, The Ink Dark Moon)