Bren Ryan’s (Ryan Photography) photo…an  edited image submitted in response to Visual Venturing July’s  One Photo Focus.

I began adjusting the exposure and white balance in Bren’s raw image  before going into Nix’s Viveca 2…wanted to explore what, if any thing, was hidden in this image’s shadows. I then played around in ON 1 Photo Effects before going to Nix’s Analog Efex 2…I have become enchanted by Nix’s wet plate and broken choices.

Enchanted is a good word as this image speaks of an enchantment…of a travel back in time…to a childhood storybook narrative.

at one place

it goes through darkness –

the ring of dancers

~Hashimoto Takako*



Michelle’s photo challenge for the week of Friday, June 24th is : Partners,

“…share an image of partners. A pair, a trio, a sextet; people, building, plants — what ever you choose to shoot, give us subjects that are in tune with one another.”


Far Beyond the Field

M Ueda