weekly photo challenge: anticipation

When I was so much younger than I am today, December was the month of anticipation.  The movement of time from the beginning of winter break until Christmas crawled slower than a snail.  Today, winter is the season of anticipation…winter advisories, wind chill, snow-covered sidewalks…and most importantly…the awakening of spring.


weekly photo challenge: magic

Turning Away, Turning Toward                                                                                                               

These golden days of summer

grow threadbare with the first

tattered browns of autumn.

Everything green begins to sink

back into the earth

with seeming ease and abandon.

Tall, stiff stems bend low,

grasses lie down in surrender,

and the last of the harvest laughs

at the settled winter to come.

    ~Rupp, Joyce  Fly while You still have Wingscolorleavesmultiexposure

The silent transitions within the seasons are:  Magic

CEO’s B&W Photo Challenge: Any Tracks & Trains


This section of railroad tracks is from a small rural community in eastern Wyoming…as we wandered through this part of America, it  was not uncommon to see abandoned buildings which seem to be symbolic of discarded hopes and dreams.

This image “Discarded” is submitted in response to CEO’s B@W Photo Challenge: Any Tracks or Trains

weekly photo challenge: tiny

This week Cheri’s challenge is to share an image of something tiny, a favorite tiny thing.   A few years ago…actually more than a few…while wandering about Hong Kong I had the opportunity to watch an elderly gentleman create miniature clay figurines. The attention to detail, the patience, the mindfulness, the skill filled me with awe…