dogwood photography challenge – composition: viewpoint

Week 44 Composition: Viewpoint (Changing your viewpoint creates a different perspective and is often used by photographers to create interest. Shoot this week from the viewpoint of another person.)

United Nations notified of the U.S. intent to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement

A formal withdrawal is reversible, however, if a future administration chooses to rejoin the Paris Agreement and pick up where the U.S. left off with its emissions reduction promises.

NPR, All Things Considered, Rebecca Hersher, November 4, 2019

A 3-minute listen U.S. Formally Begins to Leave The Paris Climate Agreement, NPR Rebecca Hersher, November 4, 2019

Image submitted in response to Dogwood Photography’s annual 52-week photography challenge.

before and after challenge – 1st


Bodiam Castle in East Sussex


Bodiam Castle in East Sussex… edited by: Meditative Journey with Saldage

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imaginary birds and dragons, in flight

Cameron Pass (summer 2018)… Nikon D750 f/7.1 1/800s 85mm 160 ISO

across a concealed blue sky, drifting signs

imaginary birds and dragons, in flight

aimless shifting stories, impermanent

gathering and dispersing, obscure particles

empty of clouds

post inspired by Travel with Intent’s Six Word Saturday

dogwood photography’s composition: color theory

Week 41 Composition: Color Theory (Color Theory is a huge part of composition that most photographers don’t explore. So it is time to explore it. Use Color Grading to create an image that looks like it is a still from a movie.)

Nikon D750 f/7.1 1/400s 85mm 900 ISO

Image submitted in response to Dogwood Photography’s annual 52-week photography challenge.

dogwood photography’s photo challenge: story telling – modern convenience

Week 40 Story Telling: Modern Convenience (What modern convenience of 2019 can you not live without? Create an image that looks like an advertisement for your favorite Modern Convenience.)

After contemplating this challenge for a number of weeks, the only convenience of 2019 that I need is one that is designed to heal the harmful actions of ignorance.

“..the future is in the present”

Sr Annabel Laity


leaving town

breathing easier…

~Issa (cited: the haiku guy)

Anthropocene … humans reshaping mother earth

Image, Issa’s poem, and videos submitted in response to Dogwood Photography’s annual 52-week photography challenge.

lens-artists photo challenge: pick a place

Poudre Canyon.

“...climate investing is still burdened by many preconceptions and myths.”

Six Climate Investing Myths Debunked, Morgan Stanley
  • Myth 1 – The climate problem is all about global warming
  • Myth 2 – An ESG strategy addresses climate solutions
  • Myth 3 – Renewable energy is the main solution
  • Myth 4 – Renewables need subsidies for compelling returns
  • Myth 5 – Early stage clean-tech investing is a wild goose chase
  • Myth 6 – Climate investing depends highly on political and regulatory changes

Lens-Artists photo challenge: pick a place – how about the earth?

the dead of the night, moon-gazing

In the dead of night, moon-gazing,

The thought of the deep mountain affrighted,

Yet longings for the mountain village

At all other moments filled my heart.

~The Sarashina Diary (Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan)

Image and poem submitted in response to Travel with Intent’s Six Word Saturday challenge.