weekly photo challenge: inspiration

just being alive


and the poppy



Christie’s photo challenge: Inspiration is an invitation to ponder, “what is it that moves me?”

Nature inspires me to contemplate the meaning and purpose of life through her

  • beauty,
  • complexity – simplicity continuum
  • consistency
  • characteristics of vulnerability intermixed with aggression (did you know poppies have thorns?)
  • transience
  • interdependency
  • natural laws
  • photogenic features
  • haiku inspiration

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sl-week 4: weird hollidays

If I was on holiday…it would be a walking tour of Japan and one of the places on my list to visit is the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto. But, alas, I’m not on holiday…but one of the bike/walking pathways near my home offered a (somewhat) miniature bamboo grove….sorta weird, but beautiful.

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inspired by Sylvain Landry (who reports in on holliday)

photo rehab weekly photo challenge: cover makeover #4

solitary bench
solitary bench

This cover version of Paul Auster’s “The Invention of Solitude” was created in response to the photo rehab’s cover makeover challenge

Capture One: Adjustments to raw image of Fossil Creek Park in Fort Collins, Colorado

  • exposure, contrast, clarity, structure, shadows, and highlights

Perfect Effects:

  • Sun Glow and Big Softy layers


  • Type and Crop