weekly photo challenge: magic

Turning Away, Turning Toward                                                                                                               

These golden days of summer

grow threadbare with the first

tattered browns of autumn.

Everything green begins to sink

back into the earth

with seeming ease and abandon.

Tall, stiff stems bend low,

grasses lie down in surrender,

and the last of the harvest laughs

at the settled winter to come.

    ~Rupp, Joyce  Fly while You still have Wingscolorleavesmultiexposure

The silent transitions within the seasons are:  Magic

CEO’s B&W Photo Challenge: Any Tracks & Trains


This section of railroad tracks is from a small rural community in eastern Wyoming…as we wandered through this part of America, it  was not uncommon to see abandoned buildings which seem to be symbolic of discarded hopes and dreams.

This image “Discarded” is submitted in response to CEO’s B@W Photo Challenge: Any Tracks or Trains

weekly photo challenge: tiny

This week Cheri’s challenge is to share an image of something tiny, a favorite tiny thing.   A few years ago…actually more than a few…while wandering about Hong Kong I had the opportunity to watch an elderly gentleman create miniature clay figurines. The attention to detail, the patience, the mindfulness, the skill filled me with awe…


52 weeks photo challenge: week 14 – winter


Thus far autumn has offered us a beautiful transition with her just-right temperatures and multi-colored landscapes.  In the past, it was not uncommon for her to allow winter a brief visit during the first half of November…but not this year.  So this image submitted for The Girl Who Dreams Awake is of  winter’s past.

thursday’s special: traces of the past

flumeThe “Great Western Sugar Company Effluent Flume and Bridge” tells us of a time of sugar beet farms and sugar processing plants in northern Colorado.  During the turn of the century, this bridge over the Poudre river enabled the waste lime product to be transported  across the river to a field where it was just poured out as waste. As a result, the ground became so alkaline that native plants could not survive and gave way to an invasive species called kochia.

In November 2014, the bridge that held the flume was added to the National Register of Historic Places.  A trace of the past…submitted in response to the Thursday’s challenge offered by Lost in Translation 

weekly photo challenge: shine

Nancy’s photo challenge for this week is: Shine, “Has the sunshine or any other light source caused you to stop because it’s highlighting something you didn’t notice before?”


The design of this building; that is, the way it’s structure invited light and shadow to play with it’s mirrors and windows, not only caused me to stop it also invited me to revisit the building at different times of the day to “be in awe” of how it reflected ongoing changes of the weather as well as the sun’s journey.