silent sunday

Nikon D750   f/3.3  1/1.250   40 mm   100 ISO

a photo study: rule of space

ruleofspaceweb copy 2
Nikon D750   f/4   1/160    190 mm   I00 ISO

Ted Forbes notes that the rule of space offers the photographer a way to create a sense of motion, activity or conclusion within one’s composition and that it simply involves creating negative space that relates to the subject within the image.

For example, if you place negative space outside your subjects head in a portrait, you imply maybe there is thought going on – particularly if you direct your subject’s eyes toward the negative space.

Or if you have a picture of a motorcycle zooming across the desert. Placing the negative space in front of the motorcycle creates a sense of direction or implication of eventual destination

Nikon D750  f/4.2   1/400   45mm  100 ISO

It is my thinking that Ted Forbes’ discussion dovetails nicely with Raj’s Xdrive photography lesson about a photograph speaking.

a “good picture always speaks out its story…The story the picture is trying to broadcast is nothing but your vision or an intent or a message you are trying to convey to the viewers.

Nikon D750   f/14   1/80   32mm   100 ISO

Thank you for taking the time to visit; and as always, I would love to read your thoughts about the interconnection between story and space as photography composition tools and any images you would like to share.

Hope you enjoy Ted Forbes’ Rule of Space video.

negative & positive space

The use of negative and positive space within photo composition aids in directing where  you want the viewer’s eye to go.

abstract-1webHop on over to Amy’s The World is a Book to journey through her images of positive and negative space.


wpc: I’d rather be…

on the road, again.

Nikon D750   f/8   1/600   85 mm   100 ISO

I’d Rather Be…


this is, because…

ruleofspace-1web copy

This is, because that is.  This is not, because that is not. This comes to be, because that comes to be. This ceases to be, because that ceases to be…This is like this, because that is like this.

~Thich Nhat Hanh, The Heart of the Buddha

time-lapse of an apple blossom transforming


alone with one’s thoughts

Nikon D750      f/13      1/320s    40mm    100 ISO

passin’ by

Nikon D750     f/29   1/3s   48mm   100 ISO