the man’s whiteness
walking in the house’s shadow…
summer moon


sharing tree shade  
with a butterfly…
friends in a previous life


Isn’t the shade under a tree the tree’s shadow?

joining in Leya’s photo challenge: shades and shadows.


now the rains have gone,

two neighboring houses

enjoy spring cleaning ~ Issa*

Nikon D750 f/8 1/30s 85mm 100 ISO edited in Capture One and Photoshop

*Kobayashi Issa, The Spring of My Life. Trans: Sam Hamill

Nikon D750 … f/4.5 1/125s 85mm

The grass does not refuse

To flourish in the spring wind;

The leaves are not angry

At falling through the autumn sky.

Who with whip or spur

Can urge the feet of Time?

The things of the world flourish and decay,

Each at its own hour. ~Li Po (cited: Trans: A Waley & B Li, The Poet Li Po. Project Gutenberg Ebook)

This week scillagrace invites us to share Getting To Know You photographs that show our relationship with a subject that generated our attention, won our affection and taught us a thing or two.

on a makeshift bridge
we make friends…
croaking frog
~Issa (cited

I enjoy photo walk abouts…it is as if a camera has a third eye that invites me to look/see. Over time, I’ve enjoyed expanding my efforts to include using double exposure, long exposure, window reflections in street photography.

Introducing body language as a way to introduce emotions within street photography.

Exploring window reflections as a means to compose a frame within a frame as well as create an abstract street image.

Accepting the challenge of in-camera double exposure.

And…may I invite you to spend a few minutes watching a mom and child, getting to know each other through laughter and validation. I know you will find yourself smiling.

Bebê italiano aprendendo a falar

As the ink flows onto the page, 

each word creating and tumbling into another,

she wonders aloud to no one in particular,

“are these sleeping memories

left in the shadows of grief …

a past writing on and on

this tale and that …

moving my pen across the page

as if a bridge to yesterday?” 

my face – my mother’s

lingering scent of sweet peas

mirrored reunion.

meandering tales

beyond a haze of tear drops

my mother’s face – mine.

faded looking glass

a cup or two of coffee,

“Let’s linger a bit.”

For the month of March, Paula (Lost in Translation) invites us to share images that illustrate one of five words – buffet, equine, gleaming, jagged, and lacustrine – within photos or photos that reflect each of the words.

I chose lacustrine which Merriam-Webster defines as: relating to, formed in, living in, or growing in lakes. The Roget’s International Thesaurus identifies lacustrine as: lake dweller, pile dweller or builder, laker.

Beginning with a poem written by Li Po:

The harvest moon is burning the waters of South Lake. Driving alone, I lean down to pick white lotus lilies.

Fierce desire pulls me… I yearn to tell them of my passion. Alas, my boat floats away at mercy of the moving current. My heart looks back in sadness.

~Li Po (cited: Trans: Anonymous. The Jade Flute. The Gutenberg Project)

And then a sharing of more music by Christine and the Queens…

May your spring be filled with days of laughter, pastel colors, awakening, family, friends, wellness, and hope.