for you who rarely visit…

for you who

rarely visit,

though you have already arrived,

may the early evening storm

not blow so hard!


DSC_6858bckofford 2015


Sky Above, Great Wind

K Tanahashi

initially posted on September 1, 2015


“I’ve waited for you

for a long time” – for your song,

my mountain cuckoo   ~Issa*

wordpresssaturation (1)

This week, show us a photo of whatever you’d like, but make sure it’s saturated. It can be black and white, a single color, a few hues, or a complete rainbow riot; just make sure it’s rich and powerful. Let’s turn the comments into an instant mood-booster!

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Initially posted on September 27, 2013

 *cited in:

The Spring of my Life

Trans: Sam Hamill

thursday’s special – pick a word

Hum…let’s go with:

Estival, relating to or typical of summer

How cool it is!

In summer, beneath trees

as if in flower.

~Takayama Sōzei (cited: SD Carter, Haiku Before Haiku)

The four calendar-based seasons (with their adjectives) are generally recognized: “spring” (“vernal”), “summer” (“estival“), “autumn” (“autumnal”) and “winter” (“hibernal”)


Paula is back! This Thursday’s Pick a Word challenge: estival, cuisine, rift, instructive, span.