This Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge week is all about lines:  vertical, horizontal, diagonal, crossing lines, etc.   

When out photographing, it’s with a sense of play: no bounds are in sight, anything is possible, and the unexpected welcome. ~Chip Forelli*


*cited in:

Tao of Photography

Philippe L Gross & S.I. Shapiro

Is my mind elsewhere

Or has it simply not sung?


~Ihara Saikaku (1642-1693)*

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life. Another multi-photo challenge! Make sure you include picture captions to explain to people what they’re seeing, and experiment with the tiled galleries.

*Hototogisu, translated as cuckoo, wood thrush and sometimes nightingale.

The bird’s song is a strong but mournful cry.

It is said to die after singing 8,008 times.

It is also known as the “bird of time,”

“messenger of death” and “bird of disappointed love,”

and flies back and forth from this world to the next.

Confucian axiom: If one’s mind is elsewhere, one will look but not see, listen but not hear

cited in:

The Classic Tradition of Haiku

Edited by:  Faubion Bowers


When we photograph, we do not actually reach out and take anything.  A camera is basically a dark box with a receptor (film or digital sensor) on one side and a small opening on the other.  Light reflected from the subject is projected through the opening by the lens onto the receptor opposite it.  When we do photography, we receive an image that is reflected from the subject. Instead of photography as taking, then, we can envision it as receiving.  Instead of a trophy that is hunted, an image is a gift.

~Howard Zehr*

*cited in:  The Little Book of Contemplative Photography

In today’s WordPress challenge I’m hoping you’ll put all of that futuristic camera tech to good use, by thinking about the shape of things to come… In a new post created for this challenge, share a picture that says FUTURE TENSE

future tense

The Radiant Buddha said:

Regard this fleeting world like this:

Like stars fading and vanishing at dawn,

Like bubbles on a fast moving stream,

Like morning dewdrops evaporating on blades of grass

Like a candle flickering in a strong wind, echoes, mirages, and phantoms, hallucinations, and like a dream

The Eight Similes of Illusion, from the Prajna Paramita Sutras