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tuesday photo challenge: stones


Stone:  Symbol of being, of cohesion, of harmonious reconciliation with one’s self. The stone when whole tells of unity and strength; when shattered it symbolizes psychic disintegration.

Seven Stones:

  • The first stone: become acquainted with the intrinsic power within generosity, gratitude, compassion, loving-kindness, equanimity, and sympathetic joy. Use their inherent strength to abandon detrimental mental qualities and experience the subsequent easing of suffering.
  • The second stone: familiarize yourself with the inherent strength within intention; that is, each morning define for yourself a small goal to strive for that day with the knowledge that the characteristics of each daily intention accumulates and formulates the meaning and purpose of your life.
  • The third stone: introduce yourself to the innate vitality of acquaintance with the knowledge of and experience with a presence that transcends your ego and nourishes your divine “I”-in-self.
  • The fourth stone: feel the influence within the natural aspect of prayer that releases the consequential merit of your actions, speech, and thoughts to the benefit all living beings.
  • The fifth stone: know the innate authority of remorse that directs you to acknowledge when specific action, speech, and thought are incongruent with personal moral and guiding principles, to set forth the intention to not repeat the offense, and to release detrimental thoughts, including regret, shame, guilt, resentment, justifications, rationalizations.  Feel the release of being freed from an abusive ego and to a self-centered attitude that has the inclination to neglect others.
  • The sixth stone: gift yourself the eloquence within simple acts of kindness absent of expectation: release your merit; share your talent, expertise, or knowledge; surrender your wants for another’s need; greet each person with a half smile.
  • The seventh stone: be attentive to the influence present within a daily mindfulness practice that acquaints you to a state of tranquil single-pointed concentration.

(cited: Meditative Journey with Saldage, B Catherine Koeford)

weekend reflections


Nick Cave and Warren Ellis create film and theatre scores that are elegantly minimal, hauntingly beautiful and instantly recognisable as theirs alone. Full of light and shade, creeping dread and inconsolable yearning, these heavily instrumental sound paintings inject aching humanity into ghostly frontier towns, parched desert vistas and post-apocalyptic war zones. Most are built around the duo’s intertwined piano and violin melodies, with sporadic use of guitar, flute, mandolin, celeste, percussion and other elements. Vocals are rare and sparing. But even without lyrics, they are always lyrical.