thursday’s special: pick a word

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Together with my Roget’s International Thesaurus, I selected these following images for September’s “pick a word” challenge…

can a journal be populated with words?  can words inhabit a journal?


nature, by her very nature is time sensitive


words and letters are often very companionable


love these burgeoning plants that grow alongside  a local trail


clandestine…walking through an alleyway wondering what is hidden behind those locked gates


Hopefully I will be forgiven for only including one color image for this Lost in Translation’s photo challenge.


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…instead of a coherent personality that stretches back in an unbroken line to a first memory and looks forward to an indefinite future, we discover a self ridden with gaps and ambiguities.  Who “I am” appears coherent only because of the monologue we keep repeating, editing, censoring, and embellishing in our heads.


the remembered present

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Perception is never purely in the present – it has to draw on experiences of the past; … ‘the remembered present.’ We all have detailed memories of how things have previously looked and sounded, and these memories are recalled and admixed with every new perception.


Oliver Sacks



mall fishing

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Street Photography Assignment:  Fishing…identifying an interesting background (traffic signs, billboards, leading lines) and create a juxtaposition with a subject who walks into the frame.

The image with the child running as if the mannequin is pointing in the direction he should go is my favorite of the four.  What are your thoughts about “mall fishing”?