macro monday II

The remarkable thing about deja vu, or other vivid experiences of recollection, is that they are vested with significance that we cannot put into words. At an earlier time, whatever happened might have seem important, or it might not.  But the recollection is charged with relevance, and tears flow for no reason.

~R. Aitkens


a street in Dublin

May I find the Wisdom that silences the fortress of my mind’s discontent

 so I may hear with understanding

 teachings absent of greed, anger, and ignorance.



the deep desire to move on almost always robs us of our life… But quite often what is most healing in our relationships…arises out of the bedrock of being with things just as they are… When we step inside and wait, the right action…makes itself known. *


Heal Thy Self

Saki Santorelli

weekly photo challenge: change

In a new WordPress post created for this week’s challenge, share a picture that says CHANGE

one strand of hair

entangled in a hairbrush

a telling  – of age


The Brook

First time I passed the brook

it filled my eye.

The second time

it was a tiny snake.

The next few times

I only heard it cry

Behind me – I was afraid

for my own sake. ~G Burce Bunao

cees fun foto challenge: road

This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is all about Road of any type as long as the road is visible … streets of  Dublin, Ireland

On, on I travel

Though I fall and die, let it be

In fields of clover ~Sora*


Along this road

going with no one

autumn evening ~Basho


Shinano road —

how many nights now

that moon on the eves? ~Issa

*cited in:

The Narrow Road to Oku

Matsuo Basho

Trans: Donald Keene

paths of existence

A short  night

wakes me from a dream

that seemed so long ~Yayo

railroad tracks

My personal musings escort me along paths of existence that often are, for others, unknown dimensions of imaginative conclusions