mind steam … rippling

a tumble jumble babble

current … afterthoughts


…there is something more fundamental about the world that is brought into being by the right hemisphere, with its betweenness, its mode of knowing which involves, reciprocation, a reverberative process, back and forth, compared with the linear, sequential, unidirectional method of building up a picture favored by the left hemisphere.*

“betweenness” is one of a series of abstract mixed-media images created through an interaction of the artist with multiple layers of water color,  acrylics, inks and pencils, photography, oil and soft pastels, and digital painting.

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*The Master and his Emissary

Iain McGilchrist


weekly photo challenge: inside

Between the slats

of the window

a tiny hand held out

to feel spring rain ~ Torai*


Since it has now been three days of gray skies, drizzling rain, and no wind, inside is an appropriate description of life within Wyoming.  While the focus is upon the rain drop, inside the image is a not quite ripe plum.

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*cited in:

The Year of My Life

Trans: Nobuyuki Yuasa


overcome by this cold falling rain:

how very similar, my life

to my old friend’s ~ Buson*

raindrops (1)

struck by a

raindrop, snail

closes up ~ Buson*

raindrops (2)


The Classic Tradition of Haiku

Ed. Faubion Bowers

whispers of autumn

leaves fall –

but cannot cover 

our laments.


whispers of autumn

*Nojun (1628-1706) Son of a priest at Kitano Shrine…

one of the most prominent renga masters of the early Edo period

Haiku before Haiku

trans: Steven D Carter

when a man doubts


You cannot put a big load in a small bag,

Nor can you, with a sharp rope,

Draw water from a deep well.

You cannot talk to a power politician

As if he were a wise man.

If he seeks to understand you,

If he looks inside himself

To find the truth you have told him,

He cannot find it there.

Not finding, he doubts.

When a man doubts,

He will kill.

                                   ~Chuang Tzu*



The Way of Chuang Tzu

Thomas Merton