weekly photo challenge: fleeting

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Or moonlight forming

in the grasses? ~Zenna*


*cited in:

Haiku Before Haiku

trans:  Steven D Carter


after spring’s rain

I am a drop of dew

Hanging from a leaf

Yet, I am not unrestful

For on this branch I

seem to have existed

                                                        ~Izumi Shikibu


Mother’s Day Tea

It is a priceless gift to experience a connection with another when the author’s words mirror private reflections. This is especially so when the composition is elegantly worded. I gift these words to those who visit my blog. May you know peace this day.


Last Thursday, my son woke up early and called to me in his still-morning voice, Daddy, this morning at eight forty-five is Mother’s Day Tea!

It is unusual for him to be excited about something like a Mother’s Day Tea. Special events tend to bring out what shyness he has, and he is not nearly so keen as his older brother on wearing a collared shirt and tie. But sure enough, he had even picked out a special sweater to wear and laid it on his bed.

My wife has been to a lot of these Mother’s Day Tea events over the years as our children have attended the same preschool in turn. Our youngest son is now five and starts kindergarten next year. This year’s Mother’s Day Tea was the last.

Later that same afternoon, I sat with my son on his bed while he showed me some of…

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