one photo focus photo: august


Submitted in response to Visual Venturing’s One Photo Focus for August.  The original photograph was created by Robin at photographybykent. Edited by Brenda Kofford.

As I began my editing of Robin’s raw image in Capture One, I also applied a keystone adjustment to the ferris wheel before cropping and moving into ON 1 Enhance Effects and then Color Efex Pro 2.  While in Color Efex, I played around with their Detail Extractor, Tonal Contrast, Vintage, and Sunlight layers before ending with Polaroid Transfer to give it a holiday souvenir touch.  I then finished the image with Photoshop’s dodging tool to lightly bring out the reflections in the water.

One Photo Focus: June

emerging under

the peaks of clouds

a little boat


Broxborne in Hertfordshire, UK

I found myself drawn to the cloud’s reflection in David’s raw image of Broxborne so I began this edit by importing and then cropping his image in Aperture (I just can’t seem to distance myself from this “no longer updated” software program).  I then used Nix’s Sharpener Pro 3 Raw Resharpening followed by Dfine.  I attempted to bring out the clouds in Viveca 2 and then played around with the layers in Color Efex Pro 4 (I found myself so caught up in the creative process that I failed to record the layers…sorry).

Image edit submitted in response to Visual Venturing’s One Photo Focus: June. Thanks to Stacy and David for this fun challenge.  I’m looking forward to June’s gallery of unique edits.


ABFriday One Photo Focus: September

Pendennis Castle

I began creating this variation of Ben’s image by merging his dng files in HDR Efex Pro. I then did a bit of touch up in Aperture (yes, I’m in mourning over Apple’s decision to stop Aperture development) before exploring various layers in Perfect Effects 9.

Visit Visual Venturing to view other creative variations of Ben Rowe’s image.

One Photo Focus: August


The raw image was tweaked a bit in Capture One: crop, exposure, contrast, clarity, structure, shadow as well as some adjustment layers to the background, people, and water.

Within Perfect Effects I played around with several layers to enhance the jetty, sky, as well as the ocean.

The original image was created by Katie Prior…editing inspired by One Photo Focus