developing your eye I: street

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Day 2: Establishing Shot

This image is from the section of Fort Collins, Colorado known as “Old Town.”  It feels as though there is a unified effort by both the City of Fort Collins and the merchants within Old Town to provide visitors and residents a place to wander about in an environment that is inviting to people of diverse interests and age.


With this assignment in mind, I and my wide-angle lens searched for a street scene that would create an image that was composed of foreground, background, and a figure in mid- ground.

mountain cement…abandoned

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Entering Laramie, WY from the south, we found ourselves drawn to a site of an abanoned factory…walking about with camera in hand, it was indeed a photographer’s dream.  Later, we learned that factory, Mountain Cement, was built in 1927 but eventually moved into a newer facility just north of the older buildings…

mountain cement

Currently, it seems to be an excellent site for those who enjoy the game of paint ball as well as for graffiti artists who express their creativity  with concrete canvases.

laramiefactory 1