lens-artists photo challenge: autumn

The grass does not refuse

To flourish in the spring wind;

The leaves are not angry

At falling through the autumn sky.

Who with whip or spur

Can urge the feet of Time?

The things of the world flourish and decay,

Each at its own hour.

cited: The Poet Li Po (AD 701- 762) Trans: A Waley, Project Gutenberg

Autumn 2017
Autumn 2017

Autumn 2018

This week’s lens-artists photo challenge is sponsored by Patti.

winter’s eve

evening cicada–

a last nearby song

to autumn*

~Issa (haiku guy.com)

*David G Lanoue, “a translator of Japanese haiku, a teacher of English and world literature, a writer of haiku and ‘haiku novels,'” offers a footnote to this writing … It’s the last night of autumn. Tomorrow winter.

earth friday

Communities in the Four Corners — where the borders of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona meet — have been bouncing between desperately dry and record-breaking moisture since the winter of 2017, forcing people dependent on the reliability and predictability of water to adapt

“We’ve set records almost every year, good or bad. So hot, so dry. So much snow, the river’s too high. It’s just incredibly bipolar”

Luke Runyon, KUNC . “Climate Whiplash Test Four Corners Communities’ Ability to Adapt.” October 9, 2019.


autumn 2019 Sony RX1003 f/2.8 1/125s 12.2mm 80 ISO

Land Acknowedment:

Colorado State University acknowledges, with respect, that the land we are on today is the traditional and ancestral homelands of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute Nations and Peoples. This was also a site of trade, gathering, and healing for numerous other native tribes. We recognize the indigenous peoples as original steward of this land and all the relatives within it. As these words of acknowledgment are spoken and heard, the ties nations have to their traditional homelands are renewed and reaffirmed.