…in order to know we must trust our ancestors – trust them deeply. Spinoza points out the fact that our knowledge of parentage and the date of our birth is, in fact, what he calls ‘knowledge by hearsay’.*




The Bodhisattva’s Brain

Owen Flanagan

“… the present situation [is] the fruition of former choices…engage it as the arena for what is to come. …embrace the ambiguity of a present that is simultaneously tied to an irrevocable past and free for an undetermined future.*



Buddhism without Beliefs

Stephen Batchelor

pg. 47

I was sure I would never get lost

in the tangled roads of love,

Now I have been caught

in the karma of past lives.

                                                                               ~Kenrei Mon-in Ukyo No Daibu*



The Burning Heart

Trans & Ed, K Rexroth & Ikuko Atsumi