Clipped Wings


How did it come to this?

A forced landing, weakened wings

a solid source of former strength,

taking you through 

dark clouds and heavy downpours.


Those resilient wings assured your

bodily independence

as you soared through storms,

high winds battering

and pressing upon your life.



Now those same weathered wings

bear evidence of missing feathers,

thinning bones and shrunken wingspan,

no longer able to lift and sour

or glide with the gusto that carried

you through turbulent tempests.


Slowly, slowly you learn to accept

those clipped wings, to be content

with nesting in the arms of elderhood.



You submit to this final appendage

of your journey, bid farewell

to cherished autonomy

and slowly fold your worn wings

in peaceful surrender.

                                                        ~Joyce Rupp*



Fly While You Still Have Wings

Joyce Rupp


Each day there are “everyday people” whose work day begins hours before the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange.  They are only famous among family and friends so most likely their life stories will never be within Time magazine. We may briefly greet an “everyday person” as we go through our day with a quick  nod, wave, and smile. Yet, seldom do we acknowledge that it is through their unique labors that most of us enjoy so many things taken for granted:

  • strawberries for breakfast
  • closets filled with clothes
  • tables cleared at favorite restaurant
  • shelves stocked at grocery stores
  • weekly trash pick up
  • traveling along highways and over bridge ways

What would happen if suddenly all of these admirable people suddenly disappeared…


Submitted in response to Krista’s photo challenge:  Admiration