Horsetooth Reservoir

Horsetooth Reservoir…..Nikon D750      f/5.6    1/320    45 mm    100 ISO

negative & positive space

The use of negative and positive space within photo composition aids in directing where  you want the viewer’s eye to go.

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wpc: out of this world

a photo study of rhythm created with bricks…

Nikon  D750    f/7.1  1/100s   28mm   100 ISO
Nikon D750   f/4   1/320s  28mm   100 ISO
Nikon D750   f/4   1/320s    28mm   100 ISO
Nikon D750    f/4   1/320s   28mm   100 ISO

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snow shadows

Olden memories

so brisk

in their fading,

this moment soon to follow —

shadows on the snow

Nikon D750   f/5   1/4,000s   83mm   ISO 800

Nighttime in the forest…


Nighttime in the forest is not like nighttime in the city or on a farm. At night, the sacred forest declares its absolute authority. The curtain of darkness is thick and secretive. …I heard many eerie cries coming from the forest. By eight o’clock it was already night, and the forest’s dominance was restored. The whole universe sank into a profound silence that, at the same time, vibrated with life. I could almost hear the majestic steps of the mountain god as he leaped between the towering trees. 

On full moon nights, none of us could sleep. One time, I was up late writing… When the moon and forest were together they created a profoundly marvelous and mysterious atmosphere, unlike any we had experienced before. The silence was total, yet, we could hear moon and forest speaking to each other. They were no longer two, but had become one. If you took away the moon, the forest would cease to be. If you took away the forest, the moon would not be. We wouldn’t be standing by the moonlit window if moon and forest ceased to be. 

~Thich Nhat Hanh (Fragrant Palm Leaves, pg. 22)

a mental image

One of the interesting things about photography is the fact that it’s record of ourselves and our works so often do not correspond to our mental image…  Generally we assume that the difference between our expectation and the camera’s evidence is the result of some kind of photographic aberration.

~Henri Cartier Bresson

Nikon D750   f/5.6   1/160s   170 mm   ISO 100