five of seven…wired

On a quiet evening in my thatch-roofed hut,

alone I play a lute with no strings.

It’s melody enters wind and cloud,

mingles deeply with a flowing stream,

fills out the dark valley,

blows through the vast forest, then disappears.

Other than those who hear emptiness,

who will capture this rare sound?




Sky Above, Great Wind

K Tanahashi

black & white sunday: local watering hole


The source of water for the residents of Fort Collins, CO comes from large areas of land that drain snowmelt and rainfall waters to the Upper Cache la Poudre River, Big Thompson River, and Horsetooth Reservoir. 

While walking around Horsetooth during this past winter, I was drawn to the composition of these elements of the shoreline… rocks, ice, water, and sky.  

Horsetooth Reservoir
Horsetooth Reservoir

Offered in response to Irene Water’s challenge as a guest at  Paula’s Lost in Translation