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…instead of a coherent personality that stretches back in an unbroken line to a first memory and looks forward to an indefinite future, we discover a self ridden with gaps and ambiguities.  Who “I am” appears coherent only because of the monologue we keep repeating, editing, censoring, and embellishing in our heads.


the remembered present

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Perception is never purely in the present – it has to draw on experiences of the past; … ‘the remembered present.’ We all have detailed memories of how things have previously looked and sounded, and these memories are recalled and admixed with every new perception.


Oliver Sacks




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“… the present situation [is] the fruition of former choices…engage it as the arena for what is to come. …embrace the ambiguity of a present that is simultaneously tied to an irrevocable past and free for an undetermined future.*



Buddhism without Beliefs

Stephen Batchelor

pg. 47