such quantities of wind

on the floor of a spacious room

summer room–

and still not quite enough


kite day
kite day

get your camera out and join in the fun …  Vivid


The Year of my Life

Trans: N Yuasa

My happiness

                I find

In filling my emptiness.

My emptiness

                I create

In seeking happiness.

                                    ~Gopal Honnalgere*


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fire in the sea

An Anthology of Poetry and Art

Sue Cowing

The child claps his hands

playing alone, happily,

under a festive tree ~Issa*

artist: R. B. AH**
artist: E. R. H-A**

One of the best ways to understand how the over-all space of creative expression reflects its parts is to imagine yourself inside the space of the artwork…select a place within the composition where you would like to locate yourself for a few minutes of contemplation. …imagine…passing through different areas of the artwork…feel…energetic patterns. (152)***

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*The Spring of My life

Trans: Sam Hamill

**used with permission by the artist

*** McNiff, Shawn

Trust the Process