early morning readings

…he also is as though covered by a mist, a cloud, a darkness that hides everything he does and hides everything that takes place within him.

Trans: Ira Progoff. The Cloud of Unknowing
Nikon D750 f/7.1 1/8002 85mm 160 ISO

And ‘when I speak of darkness’ the author of The Cloud of Unknowing says, it is ‘not the kind of darkness that is in your house at night when the candle is out.’ It is a darkness of a quite different kind. ‘I am referring he says, ‘to a lack of knowing. It is a lack of knowing that includes everything you do not know or else that you have forgotten, whatever is altogether dark for you because you do not see it with your spiritual eye. And for this reason It is not called a cloud of the air, but rather a cloud of unknowing that is between you and your God.'” (IV:18)

black and white sunday: imperfect

A back-yard chrysanthemum

looked at the setting sun

and faded. ~ Kaen (Y Hoffmann, Japanese Death Poems)

When I revisit this (imperfect) image of a section of an Ireland cemetery,  I  find myself being emotionally touched by how the statue seems to speak of life’s aloneness and a yearning for that which will lead us away from suffering.


Image submitted in response to Lost in Translation’s photo challenge: imperfect