early morning readings

Nikon D750   f/4.5  1/400s 85mm  1400 ISO

“…is it the wish—the dreamlike, bombastic wish—to stand once again at that point in my life and be able to take a completely different direction than the one that has made me who I am now?

“There is something peculiar about this wish, it smacks of paradox and logical peculiarity. Because the one who wishes it—isn’t the one who, still untouched by the future, stands at the crossroads.  Instead, it is, the one marked by the future become past who wants to go back to the past, to revoke the irrevocable. And would he want to revoke it if he hadn’t suffered it. …it’s the absurd wish to go back behind myself in time and take myself—the one marked by events—along on this journey.”  ~P Mercier (Night Train to Lisbon, pp. 51-54)

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” ~ Heraclitus

When my heart came to rule
in the world of love,
it was freed
from both belief
and from disbelief.

On this journey,
I found the problem
to be myself.

When I went beyond myself,
the pathway finally opened.
~Mahsati Ganjavi     

initially posted in November, 2018

lens-artists: the sun will come out tomorrow

O Sun that rose in the eastern corner of Earth,

Looking as though you came from under the ground,

When you crossed the sky and entered the deep sea,

Where did you stable your six dragon-steeds?

Now and of old your journeys have never ceased:

… ~Li Po (cited: gutenberg.org)

morning’s sun

I did not sleep, gazing at the moon all night 
But the dawning of the day 
Was in whiteness of hoar-frost.
~Izumi Shikibu (cited: Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan)

morning’s light

the early sun
reaches the valley…
roses of Sharon
~Issa (cited: haikuguy.com)

morning’s light

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lens-artists photo challenge: focus on the subject

This week Patti invites us to explore the various composition elements that invite viewers to focus on the subject : leading lines, patterns, color, contrast, selective focus, freezing the action, doorways or arches, or human/animal eyes.

leading lines & patterns
color & fame within a frame
selective focus & color
freezing action

Be safe. Be well. Be sage.

Seeing Differently: 8th of 15 images

It is more important

To see the simplicity

To realize one’s true nature

To cast off selfishness

And temper desire.

                                   ~The Tao-te Ching By Lao-tzu


a gift from a predawn rainfall…

water drops on the top of a well-waxed automobile…

submitted in response to Robyn’s Seeing Differently challenge

initially posted in October, 2016

lens-artists photo challenge: what a treat

The quiet that follows a snowstorm.

looking delicious
the snow falling softly
~Issa (cited: haikuguy.com)

Yesterday’s snowstorm blanketed the sphere of my world with 17.7 inches of snow…today feels calming, relaxing, and tranquil.

What a treat from Mother Nature.

Time to slow down…What a treat!

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lens-artist photo challenge: communication

Nonverbal communication: It is suggested that 50 to 75% of all communication is transmission through our eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture and the distance between people. We also understand messages through variations of body language, distance and physical environments.  

In the mountain depths,
Treading through the crimson leaves,
The wandering stag calls.
When I hear the lonely cry,
Sad–how sad!–the autumn is

~Sarumaru (cited: Ogura Hyakunin Isshu)

did others sit here too
waiting for spring?
old tatami ma
t ~Issa (haiku.guy)

blooming plum–
the voices of children
sound reverent
~Issa (haikuguy.com)

A haiku…is a way in which the cold winter rain, the swallows of evening, even the very day in its hotness, and the length of the night, become truly alive, share in our humanity, speak their own silent and expressive language. (cited: Haiku: Eastern Culture)

Symbols are objects that conveys agreed upon messages within a particular group of people.

Harry Nilsson, Every Body is Talking’

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