dogwood photography challenge – composition: viewpoint

Week 44 Composition: Viewpoint (Changing your viewpoint creates a different perspective and is often used by photographers to create interest. Shoot this week from the viewpoint of another person.)

United Nations notified of the U.S. intent to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement

A formal withdrawal is reversible, however, if a future administration chooses to rejoin the Paris Agreement and pick up where the U.S. left off with its emissions reduction promises.

NPR, All Things Considered, Rebecca Hersher, November 4, 2019

A 3-minute listen U.S. Formally Begins to Leave The Paris Climate Agreement, NPR Rebecca Hersher, November 4, 2019

Image submitted in response to Dogwood Photography’s annual 52-week photography challenge.

composition: leading lines

Nikon D750 f/7.1 1/400 s 112 mm 560 ISO

Image submitted for Dogwood Photography’s annual 52-week photography challenge.

Week 8: Composition: leading lines (It is easy to use Leading Lines to show depth in an image or guide the eye to a specific spot in the image. Instead, this week use leading lines to show the concept of infinity.)

wpc: out of this world

a photo study of rhythm created with bricks…

Nikon  D750    f/7.1  1/100s   28mm   100 ISO

Nikon D750   f/4   1/320s  28mm   100 ISO

Nikon D750   f/4   1/320s    28mm   100 ISO

Nikon D750    f/4   1/320s   28mm   100 ISO

hop on over to Ben’s photo challenge: Out of This World

xdrive photography learning – 20 – bokeh

Within xdrive photography’s bokeh lesson, Raj notes that the unique blur within photographs known as bokeh is a composition tool that allows a photographer to guide a viewer’s eye as well as to keep distracting elements hidden.

Nikon D750    f/3.2    1/320s   40mm   ISO100

Nikon D750     f/5.6   1/320s   230mm   ISO 100

Nikon D750     f/5.6   1/200   210mm   ISO 100

Over to you Raj.  Thank you for this informative lesson and your amazing images.

a photo study: lines

This week my year-long commitment to study various elements of photography composition introduced me to lines: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, organic, and implied. Ted Forbes  (The Art of Photography) wrote that while lines don’t actually exist in nature they are most likely the most basic element of visual composition. He further noted:

Lines serve many purposes in visual composition. They can divide the composition, they can direct the viewers eye, they can define shapes and they can make a statement to the feel or interpretation of the image by the viewer. Line’s speaking to the feel of a composition is extremely important.












After this week, I am finding myself wondering about leading and curving lines as well  finding myself in a bit of muddy water in regards to the differences between lines and shapes.  Am I overthinking?

Would love to hear your thoughts and please feel free to join in.

To sum up this week here is Ted Forbes’,  Photography Composition: Line.