fleeting world

Like the comfortless plover of the beach 
In the sand printing characters soon to be washed away, 
Unable to leave a more enduring trace in this fleeting world.

The Sarashina Diary, 1009-1059 (Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan)

Nikon D750

sending messages


Nikon D750     f/3.5     1/1.250s   40mm   100 ISO

Your Highness,

It is said that an education is a 1000-year worth thing. But a learning institute responsible for that education has forgotten its role already and children are becoming tired each day with the violence and irrationalities inside.

Your Highness, please settle this educational environment that has taken a wrong path and restrengthen the foundation of the nation.

~Jeong Yak Yong, “Korean Mystery Detective”

cee’s black & white photo challenge: patterns

their traveling hats
looking small…
~Issa (www.haiku.guy)

emigrate IIII   Nikon D750   f/3.3   1/1,000   40mm   

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consciousness in a …

May I find the Equanimity
that will lift this veil of shamed despair
and acquaint me to the perceived and perceiver
absent of greed, anger, and ignorance.


When we say, ‘I can see my consciousness in the flower.’ it means we can see the cloud, the sunshine, the earth, and the minerals in it. But how can we see our consciousness in a flower? The flower is our consciousness. It is the object of our perception. It is our perception. To perceive means to to perceive something. Perception means the coming into existence of the perceiver and the perceived. The flower that we are looking at is part of our consciousness. The idea that our consciousness is outside of the flower has to be removed. It is impossible to have a subject without an object. It is impossible to remove one and retain the other.

~Thich Nhat Hanh (The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching, p.53)

Working homelessness in America…a glaring manifestation of income disparity.

the face reader


“I only saw faces

I didn’t see the changing era

I only saw the waves

I should have seen the wind

Wind is what makes the waves

I’m saying you were the big wave at that moment

We were drifting away

One day we’ll go up again

Eventually the big wave will break down”

Kim Dong-hyeok, Screenplay: The Face Reader