Short of breath

a sardine vender

makes his way to the top.


Day 3: Bliss

During the summer months residents and visitors come together on the campus of Colorado State University to hear music fill the air (and bounce off buildings) during the Lagoon Summer Concerts.  As one looks over the lagoon,  children gather into small groups as they search for tadpoles within the water.  In the distance, they can be seen running and rolling down a hill with the Recreation Center highlighted by the evening sun.  Bliss…awakens with the sounds and sights of children being free to be children.

Children at play during the Lagoon Summer Concert 


Sky Above, Great Wind

K Tanahashi


Day 2: Establishing Shot

This image is from the section of Fort Collins, Colorado known as “Old Town.”  It feels as though there is a unified effort by both the City of Fort Collins and the merchants within Old Town to provide visitors and residents a place to wander about in an environment that is inviting to people of diverse interests and age.


With this assignment in mind, I and my wide-angle lens searched for a street scene that would create an image that was composed of foreground, background, and a figure in mid- ground.

My throat is parched with crying, my

tongue clings to my palate…

I am buried, but not in

a grave yard; my house is my coffin!

~Han Yu

Home…a place of refuge, sanctuary, a safe harbor for self, family, and friends. A shelter from “the storms of life” that silently promises time and space for the public selves to melt into the real self. A haven of collections…books, music, furniture, memories, shadows of time past, and possibilities of tomorrows. A retreat into the togetherness of dinner, holidays, and weekends.


I chose motion blur photography for this assignment of “home” as it would offer me a way to illustrate the memories, dreams, and hopes that transform a house into a home.