all cozy and bundled up for a chilly morning walk….

Sony RX100 3 f/9 1/125 25.7m

or maybe, instead, a cup of tea or two…

Nikon D750 f/5 1/2000 82mm 12800 ISO
Nikon D750 f/5 1/2000s 82mm 12800 ISO

Images submitted for Dogwood Photography’s annual 52-week photography challenge week 4: Story Telling Warmth (Tell a story that makes us feel warm inside.)

in hazy night
stepping into water…
losing my way

~Issa (

Nikon F750  f/4.5  1/2,000    85m  100 ISO

Water in its many manifestations: clouds, fog, snow, dew-drops, rain, ice, rivers, oceans, waves, mist, falls, glaciers, sprinklers..fill we with wonder.

Submitted in response to lens-artist photo challenge: wonder…a moment, a feeling, a place, a person–which filled you with wonder.

Nikon D750   f/3.2    1/2,000s     50m   800 ISO

“Mind is a river of psychological phenomena that is always flowing. In this river, the arising, duration, and cessation of any phenomenon is always linked with the arising, duration, and cessation of all other phenomena. To know how to identify psychological phenomena as they arise and develop is an important part of meditation practice”

Excerpt From
Awakening of the Heart
Thích Nhất Hạnh

Spring Creek …  f/5.6     1/4,000s    300mm     800 ISO

Choose one subject, anything will do — your own house, or the house opposite, or the next house — and in place of a tripod, drive a stake into the ground, nail a board on top of this, and make a screw hole in the board for the screw of your camera . . . Photograph your subject at every hour of the day, on fine days, and at intervals on dull days, photograph it after it has been rained on for weeks, and after it has been sun-dried for months.

~Frank Meadow Sutcliffe (cited: The Aperture History of Photography Series)

After my initial posting, I found myself motivated to revisit Spring Creek trail with more intention to pay attention to Raj’s (XDrive ) high speed lesson.  He noted that this high speeds allows the photographer to freeze motion as it permits “only a fraction of a second for the sensor to ‘see’ the scene” and the sensor “is going to record things at standstill even though they are moving.”

Nikon D750  f/5.6  1/2,000   300mm   ISO 800

Nikon D750  f/5.6  1/3,200  300mm  ISO 800

Nikon D750  f/5.6  1/3,200  300mm  ISO 800

Nikon D750  f/5.6  1/3,200  300mm  ISO 800

Thank you Raj…this lesson plan opened up a whole new visual world as well as shed some light into the importance of intention and attitude within the creative process of photography.

Variations on a Theme