even on a day

when heaven and earth are still

ants hurry onwards ~ Mitsuhashi Takajo*

iPhone 7 … f/1.8 1/2083s 78mm 20 ISO: Edited Snapseed

Makoto Ueda, Far Beyond the Field

The ordinary is listed under normality 84.3 in the Roget’s International Thesaurus as: the normal, the usual, the ordinary, the common, the commonplace, the way things are, the normal order of things; common or garden variety.

The Ordinary listed in Google is: a brand from DECIEM offering skin care products which are an “…evolving collection of treatments offering familiar, effective clinical technologies positioned to raise pricing and communication integrity in skincare.”

hum …

I think I’ll go with the common egg…

well…maybe an ordinary brown egg…

or how about a normal freckled brown egg.

A commonplace egg when photographed with an iPhone (f1/8, 1/30s, 28mm, 32 ISO) and then edited in Snapseed and Photoshop becomes:

an out of the ordinary floating brown freckled egg.

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