the man’s whiteness
walking in the house’s shadow…
summer moon


sharing tree shade  
with a butterfly…
friends in a previous life


Isn’t the shade under a tree the tree’s shadow?

joining in Leya’s photo challenge: shades and shadows.


now the rains have gone,

two neighboring houses

enjoy spring cleaning ~ Issa*

Nikon D750 f/8 1/30s 85mm 100 ISO edited in Capture One and Photoshop

*Kobayashi Issa, The Spring of My Life. Trans: Sam Hamill

as simple as that —

spring has finally arrived

with a pale blue sky ~Issa*

Sony RX100 f/3.5 1/50s 25.7mm 80 ISO

*cited: Trans: Sam Hamill, Kobayashi Issa: The Spring of My Life