enduring trace

Like the comfortless plover of the beach

In the sand printing characters soon to be washed away.

Unable to leave a more enduring trace in this fleeting world.

~The Sarashina Diary, AD 1009-1059   (Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan)


The enduring qualities of art…speaking through time’s boundaries…resonating with the soul’s deep and private moments.

not yet


Within a tree
another tree that is not yet,
and now the upper branches shift in the wind.

Within the blue sky
another blue sky that is not yet,
and now the horizon is rent by a bird in flight.

Within a body
another body that is not yet,
and now the shrine gathers blood.

Within a road
another road that is not yet,
and now that space is shaken by my destination.

–Kora Rumiko