silent sunday


weekly photo challenge: under cloudy skies

Nikon D750 f/5.6 1/400s 300mm 2200 ISO

Nikon D750 f/5.6 1/400s 300mm 1250 ISO

Nikon D750 f/5.6 1/400s 300mm 1250 ISO

Yesterday’s cloudy skies and rain dovetailed nicely with Traveling at Wits End’s invitation to photograph under cloudy skies



the passage has occurred:

as I brood,

autumn dusk dew drops 

fall on my pillow ~Princess Shikishi

contemplative photography 7
Nikon D750   f/4.5   1/400s    56mm   200 ISO

“…I asked the leaf whether it was afraid to fall, since it was autumn and the other leaves were falling. The leaf told me, ‘No. During the spring and summer I was very alive. I worked hard and helped nourish the tree, and much of me is in the tree. Please do not think that I am just this form, because this leaf form is only a tiny part of me. I am the whole tree, I know that I am already inside the tree, and when I go back to the soil, I will continue to nourish the tree. … As I drop from the branch and float down to the ground, I will wave to the tree and tell her, ‘I will see you again very soon.'” ~Thich Nhat Hanh, The Other Shore

what is it that i seek?

contemplative photography…Nikon D750  f/5.3  1/80s   112mm   100 ISO 

Standing at this Threshold

With uncertainty, I question:

What is it that I seek?

Protection? Compassion? Acceptance? Forgiveness? Completion?

Who is it that I beckon?

A father? A mother? A sister? A brother? A companion? A child? A god?

To be? To endure? To offer? To embrace? To validate?

An intentional presence that is drawn upon

A place and time of shadows, myths, and dreams?

Birthed within a family?

Matured within a relationship?

Nourished within a community?

Where the Stillness within Silence,

Affirms the exchange of life’s giving and taking,

Embraces the connection of life’s emotional threads, and

Observes the interdependence of life with non-judgmental awareness,

Yet, knows of a united oneness with another that can not be?

Since it can not be, do I yearn

To know integration through the formation of thought;

To see clarity through the flowing of ink; and

To feel completion through the act of creating?

And then, finally, within the stillness of silence,

I befriend

An internal companion with whom

There is an honoring of the who and what of which I am;

A woman, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a wife, a mother, an aunt, a grandmother, a great-grandmother.

I touch

With reverence the presence of all that was, is, and will be.

I release

The seeking, the beckoning, the yearning to the Winds of Change.

I with uncertainty, Step over this Threshold

Foreseeing a return