Fallen to the ground

like those words of old –

glowing leaves ~Inko

contemplative photography 4
Sony RX100 III   f/4  1/50s   17.9m   400 ISO

Amy (The World is a Book) invites us to share our interpretation of “small is beautiful.”  Inko’s words tells me how the small messengers of autumn’s soon arrival are beautiful gifts celebrated today as well as long, long ago.

This week’s photo challenge is offered by Patti at P.A. Mood who challenges us to “freeze in action” nature, people, objects, or animals on the move.  Or, she notes “halting” the movements within the sky, or on land, the playing field, or a busy street.

Here is a moment of two young boys interacting with water spouts.

Sony RX100 III   f/11   1/320s   25.7m   800 ISO