I never thought to throw

the fresh buds of spring

into this smoke–

and see it rising

pale into the sky


buds of spring


The Year of my Life

Trans. N Yuasa

The beginning of the sustenance of life

Is all in yin and yang.

The limitless can open up

The light of the great limit.

Diligently polished, the mirror of mind

Is bright as the moon;

The universe in a grain

May rise, or it may hide.

                                                   ~Sun Bu-er*



Immortal Sisters

Trans & Ed T. Cleary

The remarkable thing about deja vu, or other vivid experiences of recollection, is that they are vested with significance that we cannot put into words. At an earlier time, whatever happened might have seem important, or it might not.  But the recollection is charged with relevance, and tears flow for no reason.

~R. Aitkens