Nikon D750    f/6.3    1/50s   35 mm   I00 ISO

Let me introduce you to Hu Ge, one of the top actors in China who has an amazing singing voice.  His role in a series entitled, Nirvana in Fire, has been noted by fans to parallel the leading character’s rise from a tragedy.  In 2006, a serious car accident that took the life of his friend and assistant, resulted in major surgeries which included over a hundred sutures on his face and neck.  It would take him nearly a year to recover.

For this xdrive photo lesson Raj introduces the reader to raw photography as well as explores the advantages and disadvantages of setting the camera to raw.

Some of the disadvantages of using raw are:

  1. size of files and required storage space
  2. requires editing
  3. sluggish burst mode
  4. software required to process files and convert to jpg
  5. sharing images while traveling

On the positive side, raw images allow the photographer to:

  1. recover areas in the image that may be over or under exposed.
  2. easily adjust white balance.
  3. make use of high-end image editing software
  4. ensure that original raw images are not destroyed during the editing process.

Nikon D750   f/7.1   1/400s   35 mm   ISO 400

EmptyName 5
sample of raw image
raw adjusted image
edited image in Nik’s Color Effects

The second set of images were created using:

Nikon D750   f/6.3   1/6s   40 mm   ISO 400

sample of raw image
raw adjusted image
3 raw images edited using Nik’s HDR software