This week Patti’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is to focus on images that feature a subject that begins with the letter S.

Let’s begin with Symmetry:

Ricoh GX100…f/4.4 15.3mm 1/14s ISO 80
sun light & shadow

Keep warm, be safe, be well, be sage.

Two Sonys, one Ricoh, one Lumix, one Leica, two Nikons, and one iPhone have been my photography companions over the past 10 years. Our wanderings has had its ups and downs … losing files, grieving of Aperture, diving into various software editing programs, a self-learning photography project, breaking rules, being obsessed with various subjects, experimenting various techniques, and being awed by multiple photographers, world wide.

It has been a journey! Let’s begin with one of my first macros with a Ricoh.

Exploring monochrome
motion blur photography
wide open aperture
point of view photography
double exposure

…and there were the obsessions with…

the dandelion family
egg obsession

and during this pandemic…

skyscape obsession

and the list goes on and on. Thank you Amy for the invitation pause for a bit to reflect on where I’ve been and to share a bit of my photo journey.