head pillowed on arm…

head pillowed on arm, 

such affection for myself?

and this smoky moon


*cited in

The Sound of Water

Trans: Sam Hamil

As I was reviewing old post, these were two WP images and one haiku that were posted in April, 2013

One Four Challenge – week 3

Well…what did I do…should have taken notes…hum…

In response to Apple’s recent decision to retire Aperture, I have been exploring Lightroom and Photoshop as  alternative application options…so this week I jumped right into Photoshop and learned rather quickly that I need a tutorial for the various tutorials and that my learning style is most likely one built upon trial and error…but after learning about layers and playing with masking I did create an image that I eventually took into Silver Effects for a final touch up.

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weekly photo challenge: eerie

for the cuckoo I wait

here in the capital beneath the vain skies of hoping ~Buson*

waiting....Toronto airport
waiting….Toronto airport

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*cited in:

The Classic Tradition of Haiku

Ed: Faubion Bowers