Day 2: Establishing Shot

This image is from the section of Fort Collins, Colorado known as “Old Town.”  It feels as though there is a unified effort by both the City of Fort Collins and the merchants within Old Town to provide visitors and residents a place to wander about in an environment that is inviting to people of diverse interests and age.


With this assignment in mind, I and my wide-angle lens searched for a street scene that would create an image that was composed of foreground, background, and a figure in mid- ground.

For this photo assignment I have included two versions of the motion blur image taken during this past weekend’s St. Patrick’s celebration in Old Town.  I generally prefer street and motion blur in black and white…yet, the color image with the green and purple does give the image a bit of pop.

St. Patrick's celebration in Old Town
St. Patrick’s celebration in Old Town

St. Patrick's in Old Town
St Patrick’s in Old Town

cicadas at nightfall–

every face passes by

without speaking a word

                                                             ~Ishibashi Hideno*

faces passing by
faces passing by


Far Beyond the Field

Makoto Ueda

At last free,

at last I am a woman free!

No more tied to the kitchen,

stained amid the stained pots,

no more bound to the husband

who thought me less

than the shade he wove with his hands.

No more anger, no more hunger,

I sit now in the shade of my own tree.

Meditating thus, I am happy, I am serene.


oldtownshadows 1

*”Sumangala’s Mother,” the wife of a maker of hats and shade-umbrellas, was a member of the earliest community of women followers of the Buddha.


Women in Praise of the Sacred

Ed: Jane Hirshfield