‘ped’es’train’ … abstract street photography
Nikon D750 f/7.1 1/500s 85mm

-ped a combining form with the meaning “having a foot” of the kind specified by the initial element:

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< Latin -ped-, stem of -pēs -footed, adj. derivative of pēs foot

Nikon D750   f7.1   1/60   135 mm  100 ISO

LDG Luciledegoday has sent out a request to help her find Badfish, her blogger friend who runs the Badfish & Chips Cafe.  The last time he posted a blog was in April and she “dearly” misses his enticing and inspiring writings

In response to WordPress’s photo challenge, pedestrians, she has officially launched a Badfish search mission: “Where is Badfish?”   So if you are out and about in search of a super image to post in response to WordPress’ challenge, will you look around and try to find Badfish, wherever you are, because he loves traveling all over the world.

I’m thinking that Badfish (left hand corner) was spotted last month at the Tour de Fat celebration in Colorado, USA.