winter has begun–

trees alive and dead


                                                            ~Mitsuhashi Takajo*

oldtownshadows 3


Far Beyond the Field

Makoto Ueda


Long long ago, my mother’s tender care,

eagerly I think of it.

Held close within my mother’s clothing

there was a different kind of springtime.




Haiku Master Buson

Y. Sawa & E. Shiffert

in the cessation of craving, we touch that dimension of experience that is timeless;

the playful, unimpeded contingency of things emerging from conditions only to become conditions for something else. 


…Known as the ‘womb of awakening’ it is the clearing in the still center of being,

the track on which the centered person moves –

it whispers, “Realize me.”  

But no sooner is it glimpsed then it is gone.*

*source:  unknown