How can I blame the cherry blossoms

for rejecting this floating world

and drifting away as the wind calls them?

                          ~Shunzei’s Daughter*

Triumph...Spring's Awakening
Triumph…Spring’s Awakening


Women Poets of Japan

K Rexroth & I Atsumi

Come out to view

the truth of flowers blooming

in poverty.


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Revisiting themes during Photo 101’s weekend three as suggested by Cheri and the Team


The Sound of Water

Sam Hamill

For this photo assignment I have included two versions of the motion blur image taken during this past weekend’s St. Patrick’s celebration in Old Town.  I generally prefer street and motion blur in black and white…yet, the color image with the green and purple does give the image a bit of pop.

St. Patrick's celebration in Old Town
St. Patrick’s celebration in Old Town
St. Patrick's in Old Town
St Patrick’s in Old Town