pond reflections

Nikon D750   f/5.6   1/400   180m   350 ISO

In the higher Buddhist view, appearances rise from emptiness and dissolve again…It is a process like birth, living, and dying…practice letting come and go…we may rest longer and longer in the space of openness…Don’t try to shape the oneness, or see it as one thing or another, or gain anything from it. Just let things be. This is the way to find your center.  ~Tulku Thondup, The Healing Power of Mind


Prospect Ponds Natural Area…awakening


…the very essence of all alchemical work was a spiritual transformation, liberation of God from the darkness of matter. …alchemical symbolism describes pictorially the process of change from psychic sleep to awakening, and the stages along that journey. Jung found in this symbolism an illustration…he called the process of individuation: one’s gradual unfoldment from an unconscious to a conscious state, and the healing process underlying it.*

*The Essence of Jung Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism, pg 36

Radmila Moacanin