weekly photo challenge: smile

Smile:  merriment, joy, glee, vitality, cheerful, merry, gladden, spirited, happy, humor, high spirits, perky, and zest

tapping..Nikon D750   f/1.8   1/10   35mm   100 ISO

Submitted in response to Ben’s photo challenge: Smile

wpc: favorite place

My Favorite Place…Downtown   Nikon D750   f/8   1/125   24mm   100 ISO

In the early 1960s, Grand Junction, Colorado’s downtown commercial district was restructured into a tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly shopping park that borders the gentle winding Main Street.

Today, one of the first things we do when we return to visit family and friends is to undertake a walk about with our memories of what use to be and amazement at what remains as we view the various exhibits that are currently part of the Art on the Corner project.

Favorite Place

wpc: out of this world

a photo study of rhythm created with bricks…

Nikon  D750    f/7.1  1/100s   28mm   100 ISO

Nikon D750   f/4   1/320s  28mm   100 ISO

Nikon D750   f/4   1/320s    28mm   100 ISO

Nikon D750    f/4   1/320s   28mm   100 ISO

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