only a memory

our neighbor’s tasty rice cakes

at our gate as before ~Issa*




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The Spring of my Life

Trans: Sam Hamill




the wonder of

flowers opening

and birds singing:


ka ya hiraki / nori toku tori no / kirabiyaka ~Gozan (1695-1733)*

oneshottwoways (1)


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*This haikai trickery, a palindrome, reads the same forward and backward in kana (the Japanese alphabet)

 source: The Classic Tradition of haiku

Ed: Faubion Bowers


The child claps his hands

playing alone, happily,

under a festive tree ~Issa*

artist: R. B. AH**
artist: E. R. H-A**

One of the best ways to understand how the over-all space of creative expression reflects its parts is to imagine yourself inside the space of the artwork…select a place within the composition where you would like to locate yourself for a few minutes of contemplation. …imagine…passing through different areas of the artwork…feel…energetic patterns. (152)***

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*The Spring of My life

Trans: Sam Hamill

**used with permission by the artist

*** McNiff, Shawn

Trust the Process

With one who does not speak his every thought

I spent a pleasant evening. ~ Hyakuchi*


Things wabi-sabi have a vague, blurry, or attenuated quality—as things do as they approach nothingness (or come out of it).  One-hard edges take on a soft pale glow. Once-substantial materiality appears almost sponge-like. Once-bright saturated colors fade into muddy earth tones or the smoky hues of dawn and dust.  Wabi-sabi comes in an infinite spectrum of grays…**

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*The Moon in the Pines

Trans:  Jonathan Clements

**Wabi-Sabi  for Artist, designers, Poets, & Philosophers

Leonard Koren

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Blue Bird
Blue Bird

‘A photograph,’ it has been said, ‘shows the art of nature rather than the art of the artist.’  This is mere nonsense, as the same remark might be applied equally well to all the fine arts. Nature does not jump into the camera, focus itself, expose itself, develop itself, and print itself. On the contrary, the artist, using photography as a medium, chooses his subject, selects his details, generalizes the whole in the way we have shown, and thus gives his view of nature. This is not copying or imitating nature, but interpreting her, and this is all any artist can do. ~Henry Emerson *

cited in:

Tao of Photography  Seeing beyond Seeing

Philippe L. Gross and S. I. Shapiro

In a discussion with Carol Jung,

one of the members of the Lamaist convent of Bhutia Busty, Lingdam Gomchen,

noted, “no one mandala is the same as an another”:

all are different because each is a projected image of the psychic condition of its author…

the mandala is a synthesis of a traditional structure plus free interpretation.*


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*A Dictionary of Symbols

J.E. Cirlot

Trans: Jack Sage

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one strand of hair

entangled in a hairbrush

a telling  – of age


The Brook

First time I passed the brook

it filled my eye.

The second time

it was a tiny snake.

The next few times

I only heard it cry

Behind me – I was afraid

for my own sake. ~G Burce Bunao