Did Chuang Chou dream

he was a butterfly,

Or the butterfly

that it was Chuang Chou?

In one body’s


All is present,

infinite virtue!


You surely know

Fairlyland’s oceans

Were made again

a limpid brooklet,

Down at Green Gate

the melon gardener

Once used to be

Marquis of Tung-ling?

Wealth and honour

were always like this:

You strive and strive,

but what do you seek?

                            ~Li Po*

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*Li Po and Tu Fu

Trans:Arthur Cooper

In my secret heart

I give thanks

To my children

On a frosty night



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The Year of My Life

Trans: Oraga Haru


A writing stand,

paper, the moon…



Riches — in Sue’s mind because set up to write poems. —

Aha, but will you catch the fishes (words) or not? — says Chiyo.

This imagery of fishes standing for words, especially fishes (words) that will not be caught (found) occurs in Buddhist literature and in Chinese poetry*


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With Liquid Voice Unendingly 
by Kago-no Chiyo-ni and Sue Jo.
Translated by Lenore Mayhew and William McNaughton in Modern Haiku, XIV:2, 1983.

In this world,

how can you know?

Soon enough you’ll be able

to ask that dark one

who judges the past.

                       ~Izumi Shikibu*

Edward Delaney's famine memorial at the northeast corner of St. Stephen's Green in Dublin Ireland
Edward Delaney’s famine memorial at the northeast corner of St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin Ireland

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The Ink Dark Moon

Trans: Jane Hirshfield with Mariko Aratani


Standing at the Threshold

With uncertainty, I question

What is it that I seek?

Who is it that I beckon?

A father? A mother? A sister? A brother? A companion? A child? A god?

An intentional presence that is drawn upon

A place and time of shadows, myths, and dreams?

Birthed within a family?

Matured within a relationship?

Nourished within a community?

Where the Stillness within Silence,

Affirms the exchange of life’s giving and taking,

Embraces the connection of life’s emotional threads, and

Observes the interdependence of life with non-judgmental awareness,

Yet, knows of a united oneness with another that can not be?

Since it can not be, do I yearn

To know integration through the formation of thought;

To see clarity through the flowing of ink; and

To feel completion through the act of creating?

And then, finally, within the stillness of silence,

I befriend

An internal companion with whom

There is an honoring of the who and what of which I am;

A woman, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a wife, a mother, an aunt, a grandmother.

I touch

With reverence the presence of all that was, is, and will be.

I release

The seeking, the beckoning, the yearning to the Winds of Change.

I with uncertainty, Step over the Threshold

Foreseeing the return.*


A Meditative Journey  with Saldage

B Catherine Koeford


Same Dream, Same Mirror 

We have dreamt the same dream

during many unraveling autumns;

one joy, one worry binds us.

We put on faces

before the same mirror:

our small flight of swallows

is secure.  We hear

inmortal music

on ancient bronze bells.

            ~Chen Yinke*

The Rose is without Why

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Ancestral intelligence

Vera Schwarcz


even an old man
has New Year’s eyes…
cherry blossoms


“The Virgin of the Rocks” Leonardo de Vinci, 1452-1519

Within the mind is a storehouse of memories that entered our psyche through the windows of our senses.  The treaures received through the gift of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell…these are what I have come to cherish as yearnings for possessions fade from desire.  What I yearn for now is to live a life filled with the creation of memories to visit and revisit again.

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Insight is awareness and oneness, the openness itself, without concepts or a separation between a ‘self’ and the object being experienced…at first, our minds can seem like such a ragged and disorderly place, disturbed by the slightest sound, thought or impulse.  Seeing the moving, restless character of the mind is the first step toward concentration…Concentration on an object without any wavering is the training of tranquillity…Again and again, gently but firmly bring your awareness to…without being rigid or aggressive, we should come back to…*

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 *cited source:  unknown