He saw that his own mind was present in every phenomenon in the universe. …Our own mind is the source of all phenomena. Form, sound, smell, taste, and tactile perception such as hot and cold, hard and soft – these are all creations of our mind. They do not exist as we usually think they do.  Our consciousness is like an artist, painting every phenomenon into being.

Thich Nhat Hanh, Old Path White Clouds


May that lady live one thousand years who guards the flowers!

My sleeves are wet with thankful tears

As though I had been working

In a garden of dewy chrysanthemums.

~Murasaki Shikibu (Trans: A Omori & K Doi, Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan)


This life of ours would not cause you sorrow

if you thought of it as like

the mountain cherry blossoms

which bloom and fade in a day.

                                                            ~Murasaki Shikibu*

catching raindrops l
catching rain drops l

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