I’ve had a bit of a problem with my computer so my submission for Raj’s black & white lesson was on the back burner for the past week.  I decided to challenge myself during this lesson by using a 50 mm lens and manual focus during a rain storm.  The outcome of my exploration with various f-stops was hampered by the – sigh – a very limited experience and trust with manual focus.

Nikon D750  f/5.6  1/30s  50mm  200 ISO  manual focus


Nikon D750  f/5.6  1/30s  50mm 200 ISO  manual focus


Before the rain, I decided to explore the interactions of the histogram and shutter speed in the Nikon D750 while photographing the arrival of autumn.

f/7.1  1/6s  300mm  ISO 200



Through the years

I’ve become used to sorrow,

there was not one spring

I didn’t leave behind

the flowers.

   ~Izumi Shikibu*

100 days...yellowrain


The Ink Dark Moon

Trans: J Hirshfield & M Aratani

If I say

this or that,

how ordinary grief becomes –

broken cries are the words

that sorrow’s voice demands

   ~Izumi Shikibu*



The Ink Dark Moon

Trans: J Hirshfield & M Aratani