separate ways


my memory-

blossoms at dusk


separate ways
separate ways

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Haiku before Haiku

Trans: S Carter

catching rain drops ll

a long hard journey

rain beating down the meadow

like a wanderer’s feet

catching rain drops ll

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countless dewdrops

all around me

countless dewdrops: what

might they portend-when

those which fall upon my sleeve

are tears…

                        ~The Monk Saigyo

dawn dew ll
dawn dew ll

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weekly photo challenge: muse

It began last summer…an obsession with the globe-shaped plumed heads of the dandelion and salisify.  While both are rejected by landscape artists, these “wishies'” unique characteristics result in amazing macro images.

monochrome 1

Additional images submitted for this week’s challenge can be found at Muse

going, all is clear…


Coming, all is clear, no doubt about it.

Going, all is clear, without a doubt.

What, then, is it all?




Japanese Death Poems

Y Hoffmann