awaitin’ spring

It is by its breath
That autumn’s leaves of trees and grass
Are wasted and driven.
So they call this mountain wind
The wild one, the destroyer.

~Fun’ya no Yasuhide

Nikon D750   f/4.5  1/40s   24mm   100 ISO

the world seems….

Is it because my mind

keeps dwelling

on every worldly thing

that the world seems

more hateful to me than ever?

~SaigO (1118-1181  B Watson, Poems of a Mountain Home)

Nikon D750       f/4.5   1/40s   85mm   100 ISO

symmetry and rhythm

Nikon D750      f/8   1.160s   85mm  100 ISO

A visual study of elements of composition through the use of amazing images by Steve McCurry.  Hope you enjoy.



Nikon D750   f/4,8   1/640   63mm 

silent sunday

Laramie Mountains      Ricoh GX100   f/16   1/217   15.3

trees talk to…

Though we are parted,
If on Mount Inaba’s peak
I should hear the sound
Of the pine trees growing there,
I’ll come back again to you.

~Ariwara no Yukihira

Nikon D750   f/4.5   1/40   56mm

The National Forest Foundation will plant a tree for every $1 you give to their tree-planting programs. Their website notes a goal of planting 50 million trees by 2023.

Suzanne Simard’s research has given us insight into how trees communicate their needs and send each other nutrients through an elaborate system which she has compared to neural networks in the human brain.

I hope you enjoy this TED Talk, How Trees Talk to Each Other


morning sky

Chat about the snow

on Fuji’s peak–

and summer is no more

~Sanjonishi Sanetaka (S Carter, Haiku before Haiku)
mindforest“When I look at the trees in front of me, my mind does not go outside of me into the forest, nor does it open a door to let the trees in. My mind fixes on the trees, but they are not a distant object. My mind and trees are one. The trees are only one of the miraculous manifestations of the mind.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh (The Sun My Heart)