Deep in summer
Lies this mountain hut, yet
The cuckoo
Calls lush and thick, but
I cannot hear them!
~Minbukyō yukihira no uta’awase*

Leica D-Lux 7 … f/2.2 . 1/5000 s . 14.1 mm . 200 ISO

Patti (P. A. Moed) invites photographers to “go wide”

*cited: Waka Poetry

Beyond the clouds
My gaze goes on and on;
The endless sea:
What lies beyond is unknown
As my gloomy thoughts…

~Lord Suetsune (cited:

sparrow…    Apple iPad   f/1.8  1/12000s   20 ISO

Weekend skies with Hammad Rais

If I should live long,
Then perhaps the present days
May be dear to me,
Just as past time filled with grief
Comes quietly back in thought.

~Fujiwara no Kiyosuke


Initially posted on October 9, 2017

In such a place
Why do they bloom,
These maidenflowers?
Though people’s tongues
Are full of malice in this world..
~ Henjo (cited: waka poetry)

skyscape photography: Nikon D750 f/5.6 1/125 125mm 400 ISO

“Our mind is a painter, it paints all kinds of wonderful things, which are nothing more than the objects of our imagination. We create images to love, to crave, to be angry with, and to hate. It is our mind, our perceptions, that create these images. All perceptions are wrong perceptions. If a perception is not wrong, we call it understanding or wisdom.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh (The Other Shore)

Nikon D750 f/5 1/400s 70mm 140 ISO

Alas! the waving moss deceived your vision. 
The clear mirror* is never tarnished: 
Therefore look deep. ~
 Lady Sakyo (Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan)

*The mirror is the symbol of the soul of a Japanese woman

Last year’s

fragile, vanished snow

is falling now again–

if only seeing you

could be like this. ~Izumi Shikibu (J Hirshfield & M Aratant, The Ink Dark Moon)

Nikon D750 f/4.8 1/400s 62mm 140 ISO

I’ve traveled 

that dark path to the world

which comes down from this mountain

just to see you

one last time.

~Izumi Shikibu (J Hirshfield & M Aratani, The Ink Dark Moon)

grandjct 1
Interstate I-70  Western Colorado…                                                                                                            Nikon D750   f/7.1    1/800s    85mm    100 ISO


Beyond the clouds
My gaze goes on and on;
The endless sea:
What lies beyond is unknown
As my gloomy thoughts…

~Lord Suetsune (cited:

sparrow…    Apple iPad   f/1.8  1/12000s   20 ISO

This week’s photo study was inspired by Howard Zehr, (Contemplative Photography seeing with wonder, respect, and humility).  He invites us to consider,

“… how we might use the medium of photography to stimulate our imaginations, to develop our intuitive and aesthetic sensibilities, to gain new insights. …to stop and look and be refreshed. In order to do this, [he] asks us to ‘re-image’ how we envision and carry out photography.

“Rarely do we spend enough time with an image to ‘mine’ all of its visual, emotional, and spiritual potential. Rarely are we aware of its impact on the emotional as well as the intellectual level. Too often our tendencies to judge and evaluate get in the way of appreciating what we see.”

Photo Assignment:
Discipline yourself to make at least one photograph each day.
Once a week, spend at least 10 minutes with one of the photographs.
As you do, consider three topics in this order:
I see — describe each object, each detail, the light, etc., Then associate: what are you reminded of by the shapes, juxtapositions, etc.
I feel — What do you feel as you look at the image?
I think — Interpret and analyze.
Keep a journal about this and any insights you gain.

“The practice of contemplative photography does not end when you finish shooting… The first thing you should do after [photographing] is spend some time with each of your images.  Try to see which ones work and which do not. Don’t be in a hurry to delete the ones you don’t like, but try to learn from them. See if you can remember what was going on in your state of mind when you [pressed the shutter].”  ~ A Karr & M Wood (The Practice of Contemplative Photography)

I am looking forward to seeing your image that was inspired by Howard Zehr’s photo assignment.  Let’s tag with #aphotostudy.